Here's some unfinished stories that I wrote:
  1. This was a book I started about dragons.

    Chapter 1: The Eggs It was morning. Kestrel was already up and hunting. She was an elven, like the rest of her village. The village was well hidden in the forest, well away from the dragon kingdom. After hunting she went over to her friend Clay’s house. He was practicing his knife work. “Do you want to go to the forest?” Kestrel asked. “No.” Clay said. “We’ll go on an adventure.” Kestrel added. “Fine.”Clay said. “Bring your weapons and rope” Clay said, “just in case”. They snuck toward the woods. They would be in huge trouble if anyone saw them. They made it. They went into the woods for about twenty minutes so that they could be sure that nobody could find them.
    It was beautiful in the woods. There were birds chirping everywhere. Flowers bloomed this time of year. Nature was everywhere, untouched by anyone or anything. “It’s gorgeous.” they both muttered under their breath at the same time. They kept hiking on and on when something life changing happened. When they went through most of the trees they found two eggs. Not just any eggs, dragon eggs.
    Reddish gold with light glinting off them. They gasped in awe. They were both eggs from a firetalon. They knew this from a book they had stolen from the restricted library. When they were full grown they were giant, and, rideable. They were able to breath fire hotter than the furnaces back at the village. That's all the books had said. Kestrel and Clay tried to decide whether or not to keep them. If we keep them then we could get in an enormous amount of trouble if we get caught, and, we don’t know what to expect when they hatch. But, on the other hand we can be carefull about them and read from the book on what to do for caring for dragons, and it will be cool when they do hatch. We could be like a parents to a dragons! Kestrel thought. “I say we should keep them.” she said. Clay agreed. “Animals like racoons will get to them and eat them if we don't help them!” Clay exclaimed. They carefully picked up the eggs. They were awfully heavy for their size, and warm too. It was a long walk back. Kestrel and Clay talked the whole way about what they had read in books about firetalons.
    “I heard that they can grow up to 75 feet long.”Clay stated. “And they are one of the most tame and ridable dragons.” “And I heard that they are part bird and can lay up to 3 eggs for each mated female. Also, they can mate if they’re siblings. And don’t forget the part about how they can control nature!” Kestrel claimed. They kept walking through the forest until they got to their village. They decided to keep one egg each and to hide it from their parents. When Kestrel got home her parents were in their bows, knives, swords, and arrows forage, so they didn’t notice her when she came home. She read and read about how to raise firetalon eggs and what to do when they hatched. The eggs needed to be in warm places to survive. She wrapped the egg in tightly woven blankets. Then she went and ate dinner. Her father was a vegetarian, so they had fruits and other herbs for dinner. Her and her mother ate a little bit of cooked fish from the lake that was right by the village. The next day Kestrel and clay brought the eggs to a meeting spot they had made 3 days before. They set the eggs down on a patch of cushiony orange leaves. They studied some dragon egg books they had left there overnight. 3 minutes of reading and something happened.It was a big CRACK!

    Chapter 2: The Dragons

    There was a blinding light. A big flash. Then, four tiny claws climbed out of each egg. Cute, ruby red heads were propped up on chubby (for a dragon) little necks. It was the most beautiful sight

  2. This is a human vs alian story I never finished.

    Somewhere in an Moon Radar Base
    The year is 4041. It’s nine o’clock at night. I am visiting my dad’s work. I am 11 years old. My name is Robert hogue. My dad’s job is to make sure no meteors are heading toward earth. If there is one, he blows it out of the sky with missles. Something weird is happening. The radar said something enormous was coming towards us on the moon, but when we shot missiles at it, they disappeared when they were supposed to hit the object. He shot more and more, and the missiles kept disappearing closer and closer, until my dad said, “Robert, we need to go, NOW. When my dad uses a voice that powerful towards me, it means something’s really wrong. We left everything at the base, put on our masks, and ran to the small rocket in the hanger. We left for earth. It took 5 minutes to get to earth. We went back to our house in Nevada where my mom said “What is it?” And we recounted what had happened. We looked at the moon. It’s a full moon tonight, but instead of marveling at its beauty, we gasped when we saw the enormous crater in the side of it. We told the government. They didn’t believe us until nighttime, until they looked. It was all over the news. Large invisible object crashes into moon. The government paid 5 men to go investigate. None came back.

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